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Electrical Maintenance Contract and Property Management Services:

Commercial and Industrial Electrical Services – Serving Vancouver

At Cambridge Electric we offer a diverse range of electrical services for the commercial, industrial and general contractor communities. An emergency call repair can cost ten times as much as a planned repair or maintenance service. Having a maintenance contract agreement with Cambridge Electric, means you are taking a proactive approach which will dramatically cut costs and boost productivity. Cambridge Electric is proud of its outstanding customer service. No matter what your electrical service needs are Cambridge Electric is equipped to meet and exceed your service requirements.

We provide our commercial and industrial customers with the highest level of electrical service work. What is covered by Electrical Service Contract?

Quarterly Electrical Service Inspections:

  • Inspect panel for contaminants
  • Inspect panel for overall condition
  • Inspect panel for moisture damage
  • Inspect panel for heat damage
  • Check for loose breakers
  • Check for correct fuse or breaker size and usage
  • Check for broken breakers
  • Check for proper clearance
  • Check for double tapped breakers / fuses
  • Test and Exercise Breakers
  • Check breaker temperatures norms and abnormal
  • Check for loose breaker contacts and conductors
  • Check for missing knock out connectors
  • Check for wrong size knock out connectors
  • Check and Inspect the wire fill in the panels
  • Check for correct grounding and wire bonding
  • Check for loose or double tapped neutral ground conductors
  • Check for correct bonding bushings
  • Check for missing panel cover and screws
  • Check for missing circuit breaker blanks
  • Check to insure correctly marked circuit identification
  • Inspect meter condition
  • Inspect meter riser condition
  • Inspect meter riser for correct height and clearance
  • Inspect weather head condition
  • Inspect meter riser roof flashing condition
  • Inspect meter riser for correct support
  • Inspect service entrance wire condition
  • Inspect overall conduit condition
  • Check for properly installed ground rod

Semi- Annual Electrical Device & Code Inspections:

  • Check natural gas line ground
  • Check metal water pipe ground
  • Check electrical service entrance ground
  • Check for unprotected wires
  • Check for open joints / splices
  • Test bathroom receptacles for correct operation
  • Test kitchen receptacles for correct operation
  • Test garage receptacles for correct operation
  • Test outdoor receptacles for correct operation
  • Test unfinished basement receptacles for correct operation
  • Test circuit breakers for correct operation
  • Test Arc-Fault circuit breakers for correct operation
  • Test light switches for correct operation
  • Test light dimmers for correct operation
  • Test motion detected light switches for correct operation
  • Test outdoor lighting for correct operation
  • Test smoke detectors for correct operation

Any power issues or delayed maintenance means a loss in productivity and an increase in service work. At Cambridge Electrical we are experienced professional electrical contractors dedicated to fast dependable service for any commercial and industrial electrical work requirements.

If you’re looking to hire an electrical contractor to be on call to meet your needs at a deeply discounted rate you should consider a maintenance and service contract for your facility.

Our reputation is on the line with every job that we do. We know that and so we settle for nothing less than perfection.

We focus our services in Vancouver to Seattle.  You can have confidence in our ability to meet your electrical needs in a timely cost effective manner.